Konnex Cars

Konnex Cars

Konnex Cars in an innovative exclusive platform to rent vehicles in an affordable way. We offer the best rates and are lower priced than the popular Turo App. We Match Prices and Guarantee a lower final rate than Turo. Contact us today to jump into your new Ride!

We are currently based in Norfolk, Virgina.

We offer Low Daily rates, and exclusive short term rental/lease specials. We are the only liscensed rental agency in the entire world that offers 1-12 month Rental agreements!

We offer 3 popular packages: These discounts only apply to customers that Book ONE MONTH OR MORE WITH US.

#1. $20 a day, $600 Monthly Konnex Special Package (Minimum One Month Booking)

#2. $16.67 a day, $500 Monthly (Minumum 2 month)

#3. $10 a day $360 Monthly (Minmum 3 months+)(Best Deal)

(Packages require short term lease contracts).
We accept Bi-weekly Payments in accordance with your paycheck cycles!

In additon we offer an optional $99 annual Membership fee to Join Konnex Car Club which is a member only club to receive discounted rates on cars, free devliery service, free unlimited car washes. Lastly, acess to Konnex Exotics and a chance to drive a high end exotic for the day! We do not check credit scores and only require a $100 deposit for long term rentals!

We recommned using your own insurance to rent our vehicles. Most Major Credit Cards extend coverage to rental vehicles If you do not own a vehicle or You’re temporarily between cars but plan to buy a car soon, a non-owner insurance policy is an inexpensive way to maintain continuous coverage and long-term customer status. We recommned obtaining a Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy by clicking the link here.

If you are unable to provide your own insurance or obtain a Non-Owner policy we recommend downloading the ROOT insurance mobile app. Root is our industry partner and allows you to instantly obtain a qoute and insurance policy the same day for any of our vehicles. They are fast, easy affordable.

Please use our direct link when downloading the app to receive a $25 bonus on your first policy! Sign up using an email address and create a password. Once you have a policy created you will be allowed to rent/lease our vehicles.

If all else fails
We do offer Insurance packages as the following.

#1. Miniumum-$10 a day extra
#2. Standard- $20 a day
#3. Premier- $40 a day

Current Vehicles in Fleet:

2012 Toyota Prius

2010 Toyota Prius

2012 Ford Feista

2012 Volkswagen Jetta

2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

For reservations contact:
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Instagram: @Konnexcars

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