Konnex Cars

Konnex Cars

Konnex Cars is the world’s first one-stop shop autonomous vehicle testing and sales dealership in the world. We Buy your cars and convert them into 100% autonomous vehicles using our software and technology. We buy your car and based on different package levels you can your vehicle to have 25, 50, 100% autonomous.
  • Step 1: Buy vehicle
  • Step 2: Inspect, prepare for software, camera, sensors, upgrades
  • Step 3: Convert car into autonomous (1 month includes testing)
  • Step 4: Start driving your autonomous vehicle (Or let it drive for you :)
  • Our customers love our program becuase they can participate in leasing thier vehicle on Lyft and Uber. Your vehicle can make money for you while you are at home or work!
    The future is here, Konnex Cars.

    -Auran Shereef
    Founder, Konnex

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